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Piece From The Middle East Adult DVD
Title:Piece From The Middle East
Release Date:03/24/2014
Categories:Hardcore, Ebony, Teen
Synopsis:A middle eastern tale about recapturing lost love.
Scenes in this DVD
Christina Gets Nailed Hard
33mins 59secs
Summary: Christina is a naughty girl who doesn't like to follow the rules. So watch as she gets down and dirty with the sheikh and he teaches her a dirty lesson in sex. This girl isn't leaving until she gets cum on her face.
Models: Christina Snow
Categories: Hardcore
Yasmine Gives It Her All
21mins 49secs
Summary: Yasmine is a hot sexy Saudi princess who is walking through the bush looking to give a message to the sheikh. Once she finds him, he doesn't approve and wants her to suck his dick. Watch as she gives him a good deep throat and then takes it in the cunt.
Models: Yasmine De Leon
Categories: Ebony
Aimee Is Seducing Today
24mins 36secs
Summary: Aimee is a sexy innocent girl from Saudi Arabia who is looking for a secret rendezvous in the bushes. Watch as she seduces this sheikh who was peeping in the shadows. Enjoy as he ravages her and they fuck like the forbidden lovers that they are.
Models: Aimee Black
Categories: Teen
Penelope Seduces The Sheikh
22mins 30secs
Summary: Penelope is dancing seductively in the field and as she is doing that, there is a naked sheikh lurking in the shadows. Watch as he pushes through the bush and gets to that coveted pussy.
Models: Penelope Stone
Categories: Teen
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